Dr. Maimon’s continues effort to validate Chinese and natural medicine by western medicine’s systematic analytical research methodology.

Dr. Yair Maimon’s involvement in research

Studies published:

1: Long-term survival of a patient with widespread metastases from epithelial ovarian carcinoma receiving mind-body therapies: case report and review, Lev-ari S, Maimon Y, Yaal-Hahoshen N.
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6. In progress: Chinese Herbal Medicine Extract Reduce Chemotherapy-Associated Hematological Toxicity in Early Breast Cancer Patients: A Double Blind Placebo Controlled Trial
By Maimon Y, Yaal-Hahoshen N ,Siegelmann-Danieli N, Lev-Ari S, Ron,IG , Sperber F, .Merimsky O .

7. Activism among exceptional patients with cancer, Moshe Frenkel , Shachar Lev Ari, Joan Engebretson, Noemi Peterson, Yair Maimon, Lorenzo Cohen and Lea Kacen

Published Studies on the Effect of acupuncture:

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Jing is like the wax and wick, which are the substantial parts of the candle. They are made of material, which is essentially condensed energy. The flame of the lit candle is likened to Qi, for this is the energetic activity of the candle, which eventually results in the burning out of the candle. The radiance given off by the flaming candle is Shen. The larger the candle and the better the quality of the wax and wick, the steadier will be its flame and the longer the candle will last. The greater and steadier the flame, the steadier the light given off and the greater the light.