Teaching and lecturing worldwide on integrative and Chinese medicine for the last 20 years, including conferences, courses and workshops.  Including postgraduate training seminars at the Chinese Medical association of: Switzerland, Denmark, England, France, Austria, Holland, Sweden, Finland, German, Norway, and others.

Teaching a unique understanding of Chinese medical diagnosis and treatment, lectures and workshops on topics such as:

  • integrative medical approach,
  • cancer and TCM approach,
  • treating the Shen and psychological disorders,
  • One needle-treatment approach,
  • diagnosis and treatment of childhood trauma,
  • 7 emotions-internal factors of disease,
  • one minute diagnosis and more.

seven emotions presentatation – Rotenberg May 2007 (PDF)

Shen and the treatment of psychological disorders (PDF)

Shen and Accupuncture / Germany 2006 (PDF in German)

• One Needle Techniqe / Pacific Symposium 2003 (PDF)

Worldwide Keynote Lecturer:

  • U.S. – Pacific symposium,
  • Germany – TCM Kongress Rothenburg,
  • Ireland – international TCM congress,
  • England – the British conference of acupuncture and oriental medicine,
  • Switzerland – Swiss medical TCM conference,
  • Denmark – the Scandinavian congress of TCM,
  • Holland – international TCM conference, among others.