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For details on The Shen Acupuncture course” please go to: www.aimtcm.com

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Experts in Chinese and Integrative Medicine for Cancer care

Using ancient medical knowledge to answer today’s needs in cancer prevention and care.
Our approach opens up new horizons in breast cancer treatment and prevention.  We draw on the wisdom of nature to develop scientifically validated bio-active botanicals and novel integrative treatment options.  We are improving patients’ health and well being and providing a genuine hope for a cure .

Breast Cancer research pending publication.  Click on “Research” tab for more research details.

Everything comes from Dao and returns to Dao. Dao is the beginning and end of all things. Dao is the unnamable origin, the source of all things. Though Dao is itself indefinable, it manifests in an ever-changing pattern that can nonetheless be observed to follow universal laws.